Robert Lynley 

Robert’s research into medieval records and references to Robin Hood is second to none. He has made important new discoveries and gives advice to established scholars and authors. His information and his personal and enlightening tour of the Yorkshire places associated with Robin Hood have provided me with invaluable information for this site. 

David Hepworth  

David is an authority on Robin Hood’s grave and the author of several papers including A Grave Tale and Life Versus Fiction.  He has worked in conjunction with scholars and authors and is well know in academic circles. His knowledge and personal tour of Kirklees has provided me with invaluable information for this site.

David Pilling  

David is a freelance writer specializing in historical subjects. His published works include short fiction such as ‘The Torch of God’, which won the prize for best Short Fiction in the Winter edition of Solander, a journal of historical fiction. He has also written articles on national and regional themes, such as ‘The Royal Marines, 1644-1945’ which was published by Family History Monthly. He has made important discoveries in conjunction with Robert Lynley and has translated some of the Latin records, an invaluable contributor to this site. 

The late Robert Henshaw 

Robert has provided excellent information on the Nottinghamshire side of the legend, and his knowledge of the Robin Hood places has been an invaluable contribution to this site. Nephew of the late Jim Lees who wrote The Quest for Robin Hood, Robert’s personal tour of Sherwood Forest and his dedication to the Robin Hood legend is fondly remembered. Unfortunately he could not finish the work that Jim Lees had left him. He is sadly missed by Judy his partner, his family and friends, and the many ‘Robin Hooders’ who knew him via the internet.

Robert Fortunaso