This site contains extensive information on Robin Hood. The contents include the rhymes or ballads as well as plays and songs. How did he die in the early tales or ballads, and who was the real Robin Hood, and was the original setting in Sherwood Forest or Barnsdale, and who was the original Maid Marian. These and many other details about England’s greatest outlaw hero will be discussed on this website, the result of many years of research. This site provides accurate, easy to follow information for the beginner and the expert, and it is constantly being updated and developed by Robert Fortunaso, with the assistance of other dedicated researchers. This site contains all of the Robin Hood ballads that are generally regarded as forming the traditional English cycle. In addition, there are maps and photos of places mentioned in the legend, and charters and other records of historical interest, as well as medieval records of real men with the name of Robin Hood.

Little John’s Bow Found








Is this Little John’s Gravestone?


See the original Sloane Manuscript ‘Life’ of Robin Hood

(Posted 7/10/21)



See one of the earliest printed editions of the Gest


 Is this Kirklees Priory?



I hope this site will be seen as a contribution towards the enjoyment of the enduring legend of Robin Hood.

Robert Fortunaso