Guide 3

Robert Hod of Linton 1263/64 Pipe Rolls, Yorkshire, under Robert de Ros heading
Robert Hod 1264 Scottish Exchequer Rolls, recieving pension and robe from Alexander III
Robert Hod 1268 Yorkshire Assize Roll, Yorkshire, mentioned in dispute over lands at Halsham
Robert Hod 1268 Bedfordshire Plea Rolls, Bedford, a murder is committed and Robert Hod is one who raises the hue and cry
Robert Hode 1269 Northumberland Assize Rolls, Northumberland, dead, Morte de Ancestor case by his daughter Asselinae in lands at Morpath
Robert Ode 1273 Hundred Rolls, Overlak, Sussex, land dispute
Robert Hod 1276 Plea Rolls of Jews, acting has surety for Simon le Constable in a case of debt
Robert Hode 1279 Northumberland Assize Rolls, Northumberland, juror for cases at Werk (Wark)
Robert Hod 1282 Cat of Documents relating to Ireland, Ireland, juror for inquiry into extent of lands of William de Mohun
Robert Hod 1287 Patent Rolls, nominated in Ireland by Agnes de Vescy
Robert Hod 1291-1292 Originalia Rolls, Northumberland, involved in land dispute west of Newcastle