Robin Hood Broadside Ballads

The Jolly Pinder of Wakefield (between 1658 and 1664).

Robin Hood’s Progress to Nottingham (between 1663 and 1674).

Robin Hood and the Beggar (Thomas Robins, between 1663 and 1674).

Little John and the Four Beggers (1670).

Robin Hood newly reviv’d (1673).

Robin Hood’s Golden Prize (Laurence Price, between 1674 and 1679).

Robin Hood and the Butcher (Thomas Robbins, S.L: S.N, 1680).

A New Song to drive away cold Winter (1680).

Robin Hood and Allin of Dale (1681).

Robin Hood’s Chase (Thomas Robins, 1688 or 1689).

The Noble Fisherman (1750?).

Renowned Robin Hood (1750?).

Robin Hood, Will Scarlet, and Little John (London?: S.N., 1750?).