Ivo of Wetherby

Rolls of the Justices in Eyre for Yorkshire 1218-1219   Seldon Society vol 56    




Adhuc de Clarehou  (At York)   

Ivo of Wetherby (Ivo de Werreby) appealed Robert of Linton (Robertum de Linton) of the peace of the lord king and wounding and the robbery of 10 marks. Ivo has not come and he has found a surety for the prosecution, Robert Scelk, his brother. Therefore he and his surety are in mercy. Robert was one of the 12 jurors and he has not come but is sick, as is said, at York, and therefore to judgement upon him. The jurors concealed this and say that they know nothing thereof, and therefore to judgement touching them.
Robert son of the aforesaid Ivo appealed William le Paulmer as accessory and likewise of the deed, he has not come and found sureties for the prosecution. Ivo his father and Robert Scelk, who are therefore in mercy. The jurors know nothing thereof, but it is attested that this (appeal) was made for malice.
To judgement touching the jurors who concealed this appeal and others.