Loxley Wood and Loxlay

Plumpton Correspondence, from Sir Edward Plumpton’s book of letters p. xviii (printed for the Camden Society, 1839).

In the fourteenth year of the reign of King Edward, (1285) son of King Henry, on Saturday next after the Annunciation of Blessed Mary, it was agreed at Knaresburgh, between Edmond Earl of Cornwall and Sir Robert de Plumpton, that the latter and his heirs should have by way of fee (de certoj half the amercements from attachments for transgressions committed de viridi et sicco in the demesne woods of the said Sir Robert and his heirs within the forest of Knaresburgh, whether the acts of strangers or their own tenants, leviable in the court of the said Earl and his heirs at Knaresburgh, to be received at the hands of the seneschal or bailiff for the time being; but not those from attachments for transgressions in cutting down timber or for waste. Sir Robert and his heirs were also to have the pannage of the swine agisted in their own woods, and to be allowed to assart the demesne woods of Bircom, Loxley, and Halaugh, near Grimbald-brigg, and the hays growing in the cultures of Plompton on the east side of the ditch and hedge extending from Plompton to the bankside of Nidd, opposite the gateway of the house of St. Robert of Knaresburgh, called Braistergarth, with the exception of the woods and covers of Grimbald-staines and Hybank; so, nevertheless, that the assarts and cultures remained within the bounds of the chace and forest of Knaresburgh. Hayboot and housboot were to be allowed of all other woods; and they and their tenants were to to be quit of Castell-boone and of drink-money for the foresters, upon payment of a rent of four shillings a year. The agreement concludes with a saving of the right of common in all places without the inclosures of the parks of the said Earl in their then state, and is attested by Sir Richard de Cornwall, Richard de Goldesburgh, Peter Becard, William de Hertlington, and Richard de Stokyld, knights, and other witnessess of less note.


Yorkshire Deeds YAS Record Series Vol. X p. 140

Ribstan 393. Thursday before Septuagesima, 3 Henry IV (Jan 19, 1401-02) Grant by William son of Richard Hykson of Little Rybstane to Nicholas de Mydleton, knts, of a messauge in the vill of Little Rybston, lying between a messuage of John Bottelar of Spofforth on one side and the messuage of John Bylson of Little Rybston on the other, with an acre and a half of arable land lying between Little Rybstan and Loxlay on the east with certain strips of land (ranis) abutting (habuttant) on the said messuage which extended in length on the western side towards Loxlay, to hold with all appurtances to Nicholas Mydleton, his heirs and assigns, of all the chief lords of the fee. Warranty Sealing clause. Witnesses Robert de Plwmton, Robert Rosse and Robert de Bylton.*

*This would appear to have been in the area that is now known as Loxley farm, located about one mile due west of Little Ribstan, immediately adjacent to Plompton Hall. Loxlay stood somewhere between Little Ribstan and Plumpton manor itself. This Loxlay was held by the Plompton family of the fee of Percy, and it is interesting to note that William Earl of Warwick, who held Loxley in Warwickshire, also held this manor directly through marriage to Maud de Percy from 1175.

From the research of Robert Lynley.