Ode Names

De Banco Roll, Easter, 2 Edward II, m81d

1328 Easter Term Thomas Ode of Moseley sued William le Botiller of Skelbrooke for a debt of 7 marks and 10s (£5 3s 4d)

DDPR/34/1 (University of Hull Archives)

8 May 1341. Gift, Joan daughter of Thomas Ode to John Ode & wife Matilda for their lives’.

Yorkshire Tax Rolls 1379

Villlata de Campsal

Elias Ode iiij d
Alicia Ode iiij d.

DDPR/34/2 (University of Hull Archives)

21 October 1382 Gift, John de Edlington of Moselay to Robert de eure (3 expanged) Robert de Hatfeld of Ouston, Thomas de Edlington alias Neumarche (vel also nomine Neumarche’) and Robert Ode of Moselay’.

DD/FJ/1/256/33 Folijambe of Osberton (Nottinghamshire Archives)

14 Feb 1383/4 Grant by john Isbell of Ouston, chaplain to Agnes wife of Richard del Grene, a toft and honyland, John Isbell had from William de Croft of Fenwyk. Witnesses: Roger attestyghill of Ouston, Rob Ode, Roger Leche, etc. St Valentine’.

DD/FJ/1/256/34 Folijambe of Osberton (Nottinghamshire Archives)


8 Sep 1385. Grant, Roger del Grene of Ouston to John Isbell, chaplain, Edward del Holme, John Leche, Elias Ode of Moselay, all lands in Ouston, Burgh Waleys, Barneby and Campsale. Witnesses: Roger atte Sithill, Thos. del Grene, Roger Lech, etc. At Lampetehurst, Nativity of B.V.M 9 Rich II

DD/FJ/256/42 Folijambe of Osberton (Nottinghamshire Archives)

9 Sep 1385 (9 Ric II) Grant by William del Croft of Fenwyke to Edmund de Holme, John Isbele, chaplain, Elias Ode and John Leche of one toft and all land called honyland which William had as a grant from John Orgar, lying in a field called ‘Tomfeldmabson’. Witnesses: Roger atte Stile of Ouston, Robert Ode, Robert Leche, John Gamel, William de Hayffeld’.

DD/FJ/1/204 Folijambe of Osberton (Nottinghamshire Archives)

Bramwith and Braithwaite (the village next to Moss/Moseley)

1 April 1285

‘Grant, William son of Adam de Kirkehurst to Sir Robert Noel, rector of Bramewyt, 2 selions at Langstrodes in Bramewyht, 1d. silver pa. Witnesses: Alan son of John de Smytheton, Rich de Bladeworthe, John de Neville, Hugh Hode, etc. Seal. Missing on check 1968)