Personal Photos, Kirklees, October, 2008


1. The Gatehouse, a largely Tudor building adjacent to the Priory site. According to tradition, the dying Robin shoots an arrow from the window to mark his burial place. See also, Robin Hoods death and burial.





 2. The interior of the Gatehouse.








3. The site where the Priory once stood.



4. Kirklees Hall





5. Robin Hood’s grave enclosure .






6. Inside the enclosure, showing Robin Hood’s epitaph fixed into the wall. 



7. The remains of Robin Hood’s gravestone. Although not visible here, part of a cross can still be seen.



8. The epitaph and part of the remains of the gravestone.



9. The Three Nuns Tavern at Mirfield, presumably taken over by three nuns from Kirklees after the dissolution.



10. The plaque by the front entrance.