Robert Hode Somerset

Somerset Pleas   Richard 1-41 Henry III  (Civil and Criminal)

Somerset Record Society  Vol III   1897  Ed Charles EH Chadwyk

Roll no 756 (Just1/756)   27 Henry III  (1242-1243)



Pleas and Assizes at Ylcestr (Ilchester) on the Quindene of Hilary in the 27th year of the reign of King Henry son of John, before Roger de Thurkileby, and his companions’.

The Hundred of Norperton comes by twelve

1108. Walter Bragge, Robert Hode, William the little miller (le petit muner) and Margery his wife beat Jordan Heywulf so that he died. William and Margery fled to the church of Perton and abjured the realm. William was in the tithing of the Hospital of Perton’, therefore it is in mercy. His chattals, 3s, for which the sheriff must answer. Walter and Robert have fled. Therefore let them be exacted and outlawed. They were in the same tithing, therefore it is in mercy. They had no chattals’.