The gang or The nine worthies and champions, Lambert, &c. To the tune of Robin Hood

To the Tune of ROBIN HOOD

IT was at the Birth of a Winters morn,

With a Hey down down a down down,

Before the Crow had pist,

That nine Hero’s in scorn

Of a Parliament forlorn,

Walk’d out with Sword in fist.

Johnne Lambert was First, a dapper Squire,

With a Hey down, &c.

A mickler man of might

was ne’re in York-shire;

And he did conspire

With Vane Sir Harry a Knight.

Desborow next, a goodlier swain,

With a Hey down, &c.

An Easter Sun nere see;

He drove on a main

Without any brain,

Such a jolthead knave was he.

Kelsey was a brave button-maker,

With a Hey down, &c.

As ever setmould upon scewer;

And this wise-Aker

Was a great pains taker,

T’make Lamberts Nose look blewer.

The Devout and Holy Major Creed,

With a Hey down, &c.

I known’t of what Faith or Sect,

Had mounted a Steed,

And vow’d he would bleed

‘Fore Lambert should be checkt.

Duckenfield (Steel was nere so true,)

With a Hey down, &c.

And as wise as ere was Toby

Lay in the Purlew.

The Cock-pit Avenue,

To hinder the Speakers Go-by.

A man of Stomack in the next Deal,

With a Hey down, &c.

Was hungry Colonel Cobbet,

He would eat at a Meale,

A whole Commonweale,

And make a Joint but a Gobbet.

The following Champion is Barrow,

With a Hey down, &c.

An Ominous name for a Swine-Herd,

He flew like an Arrow,

Thither, whence Lord Harry

But durst not draw his Whinyeard.

Room for Packer a toyling Ditcher,

With a Hey down, &c.

He had set his Spade on edge,

He hop’t to be Richer

By being a Britcher

And Lambert his Stake in the hedge.

For Nobilities sake we may not forget,

With a Hey down, &c.

That Valiant Mars his true Son,

His Cobling Feat,

Lack’t a Parliament Seat

That Marks-man one eyed Hewson.

These being aided with Red Coat & Creepers,

With a Hey down, &c.

After a short Dispute

The Liberty Keepers,

Were made boo-peepers

And the Speaker strucken Mute.

But well said Sir Arthur, what time of the day?

With a Hey dewn, &c.

The Parliament’s now in their Prime

They stand at a Bay,

And have mist their Prey

And Cowardly curse the time,

The second Part.

Now Johnne is gone to the North Country.

With a Hey down, &c.

And glad he is to Retire,

He crys Cramme O Cree,

Have mercy on me

My tail is set a Fire,

And Desborough gotten into his Farm.

With a Hey down, &c.

Untill they doe him need

‘Meant the House no harm,

But took it for a Barn

His Lord & he’s not agreed.

Kelsey is praying for the Dole,

With a Hey down, &c.

Of the Hospital thats Suttons

He is out of the Roll,

And hath ne’re a Loap-Hole

And now his Arse maks Buttons.

And Creed will now believe Sir Arthur,

With a Hey down, &c.

His Steed is Chop’t for a Jade

He will be a Carter,

Before a Martyr,

And is turned Renegade.

Duckenfeld’s in a pitiful Case,

With a Hey down, &c.

The Speakers Horses and Coach,

Were at stake with the Mace,

And he’s thrown Aums Ace

Tyburn owes him a reproach.

By being too greedy Colonel Cobbet,

With a Hey down, &c.

H•s got a Bone in his throat

He hath sighed and sobbed

And grievously throbbed,

But it will not help the choak.

Pray take your turn too Mr. Barrow,

With a Hey down, &c.

What think you of your Plot?

Your Sow would not Farrow,

The Hang-mans Harrow

That Hurdle will be your Lot.

Tye him up DƲN, ’tis Goodman Packer,

With a Hey down, &c.

That would set up another Nose

Had he been a Backer

As Colonel Hacker,

H’ad liv’d in spight of his Foes.

Hewson’s Companions as scabby as Coots,

With a Hey down down a down down.

Have infected him with the mange,

They have pist in his boots,

He must cry roots,

And TƲRN OƲT to Turnup must change.