The Three Lordes and Three Ladies of London by Robert Wilson (1590)


The Actors names.

  • Pollicie, the thrée Lords of London. Wit. their pages.
  • Pompe, the thrée Lords of London. Wealth. their pages.
  • Pleasure, the thrée Lords of London. Wil. their pages.
  • Nemo, a graue old man.
  • Loue, three Ladies of London.
  • Lucre, three Ladies of London.
  • Conscience, three Ladies of London.
  • Honest Industrie, thrée Sages.
  • Pure zeale, thrée Sages.
  • Sinceritie, thrée Sages.
  • Pride, three Lordes of Spaine, Shame, their pages,
  • Ambition, three Lordes of Spaine, Treachery, their pages,
  • Tiranny, three Lordes of Spaine, Terror, their pages,
  • Desire, thrée Lordes of Lincolne.
  • Delight, thrée Lordes of Lincolne.
  • Deuotion, thrée Lordes of Lincolne.
  • Sorrowe, a Iayler.
  • Simplicity, a poore Frée man of London.
  • Painefull Penurie, his wife.
  • Dilligence, a Poste, or an Officer.
  • Fealtie, two Heraldes at Armes.
  • Shealtie, two Heraldes at Armes.
  • Fraud, Foure Gallantes.
  • Vsurie, Foure Gallantes.
  • Dissimulation, Foure Gallantes.
  • Simony, Foure Gallantes.
  • Falshood. two that belong to Fraud and Dissimulation.
  • Double dealing. two that belong to Fraud and Dissimulation.


Page [unnumbered]


Thou wast the more foole: if thou cannot read Ile tel thi, this is Tarltons picture: didst thou neuer know Tarlton


No: what was that Tarlton? I neuer knew him.


What was be: a prentice in his youth of this honorable ci∣ty, God be with him: when he was yoong he was leaning to the trade that my wife vseth nowe, and I haue vsed, vide lice shirt, water-bearing: I wis he hath tost a Tankard in Cornehil er nowe, if thou knewest him not I wil not cal thée ingram, but if thou knewest not him, thou knewest no body: I warrant her’s two crackropes knew him.


I dwelt with him.


Didst thou? now giue me thy hand, I loue thée the better.


And I too sometime.


you child, did you dwel with him sometime?

wit dwelt with him indeed, as appeared by his rime,

And serued him well, and wil was with him now & than, but soft, thy name is wealth, I think in earnest he was litle acquainted with the O it was a fine fellow as ere was borne, there will neuer come his like while the earth can corne. O passing fine Tarlton I would thou hadst lined yet.


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