The Chapel at Skelbrooke 2

The entrance to the church, with the well worn coat of arms above the doorway, which is of the Butler family of Skelbrooke or Monk Bretton Priory. A close-up reveals an angel holding a shield, the coat of arms that has the three covered cups, (barely visible) moved from the western front to the present position above the southern doorway. The arms are almost certainly medieval, but when and where they were originally placed  is impossible to say. The three covered cups appear on a variety of arms associated with the name of Butler, as can be seen in these examples from England, Ireland, and Wales.


The western front of the church, with the imposing tower.

Some of the graves on the southern side of the church, there are several in the churchyard from the 1600’s and beyond. At the rear of the church there are two stone slabs with incised crosses, probably medieval.