Monk Bretton Priory

The emblem for Monk Bretton Priory that appears in the arms of Barnsley. According to Heraldry of the World, the arms of the Priory were two silver cups and a cross on black.(1) However above the north gate arch of Monk Bretton Priory, there is a figure holding a shield that was painted black, with three silver cups – symbols of St Mary Magdalene, for whom the priory was named. Originally under the Cluniac order, the Priory of St. Mary Magdalene at Lundwood, also known as Monk Bretton Priory, was founded by Adam Fitz Swain in 1153-54.(2) The ruins can be seen outside the village of Lundwood, in the metropolitan borough of Barnsley, South Yorkshire. A brief history is given by Joseph Hunter.

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The ruins of Monk Bretton Priory.